Our Mission

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR USA – NJ / Nationwide www.LoveThyNeighborUSA.comOur country is struggling with deep divisions across the board. Amid the blame of and attack on those who are different – in political views, race, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation – it is more urgent now than ever before to highlight the value we place in one another. A local, state or national campaign will seeks to shift the narrative.

Love is easier and sweeter than hate…. Jewish, Christian or Muslim, scripture is clear… we all agree on the principle called to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR – all our neighbors – without exception. Through meetings, small and large, joining this nonsectarian group and expressing our commitment to the positive attribute of love, we will spread our message with signs, stickers or buttons… we will hold job fairs, rally’s and other events that bring communities together, tearing down racial divides and focusing on common goals versus the constant onslaught of focusing on divisiveness…

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR advocates should be trained to listen and make connections with our politicians and religious leaders regardless of party or affiliation. Let us understand the other’s perspective and be respectful to each other, no matter what. Let us educate and trust the humanity of each of us to support and do what is best for others here and around the world. Let us adhere to practices and policies that are good for all of us in getting along with our neighbors far and wide.

Love Thy Neighbor needs to create an energized board and others responsible for touching the lives of those involved in Love Thy Neighbor programs (TBD), envision neighbors as being active and empowered participants in building stronger, safer, healthier communities. Applying a holistic approach to community development that includes workforce development, life skills training and increased open space and recreation, they envision transforming communities from poverty to self-sufficiency, dialogue between different groups, ethnicities and communities with open question and answer sessions from high school to adults.  Our board and supports of this movement also see individuals advancing socially, economically and physically while developing important leadership skills essential to sustaining healthy communities.

I am looking to take this initiative to whomever will embrace it and will help me achieve a higher level of existence in this world. There are many who have the same values and ideals, but don’t have any leadership willing to go the extra mile to insure it’s an lasting meaningful campaign. Starting in my neighborhood, Toms River, moving to Ocean County and throughout New Jersey, I would like to call on those who can help us with the next step. I call upon you here and now, please reach out to me and share your thoughts.

Love Thy Neighbor USA is committed to comprehensive community development and strives to build thriving neighborhoods by creating opportunities for positive social and economic change. Help us accomplish our mission.